Newsletter CzWEA 6/2010

Introduction of the Newsletter CzWEA 6/2010:

The main event of the month was “Den otevřených dveří větrných elektráren” (Wind Park Open House) organized on the occasion of Global Wind Day throughout the world, in Europe as well as in the Czech Republic. By this Open House the Czech Wind Energy Association (ČSVE) joined the celebration of the Global Wind Day ( ) organized by the European Wind Energy Association ( ). ČEZ Green Energy (Zelená energie Skupiny ČEZ) and Česká pojišťovna were partners of the event. On June 12, 2010 wind turbines on 12 different sites as well as the OZE Information centre in Hradec Králové were open for public. The wind turbines were attended by more than 2000 people.
Global Wind Day organized by EWEA and GWEC opened wind parks in 26 countries of the world - in China, Argenita, Egypt, Australia and others. The total of 210 events were organized throughout the world. Europe celebrated the day by erecting a 29,5m long blade right on a square in the centre of Brussels.
On the occasion of Global Wind Day the European Wind Energy Association published their prognoses for wind energy installations in 2010. New wind turbines with 10 gigawatt output are expected to be installed in the EU in 2010, with the total installed output being raised to almost 85 GW by the end of 2010 – which is an increase by 13%. Last year was a record year as for the wind turbine installations – 10,163 GW of new installed capacity, which form 39% from all newly installed sources within the EU in that year. The total installed output of wind capacity was 74,767 GW by the end of 2009.
ČSVE also participated in NAN meeting in Brussels in June which was organized by EWEA for the EU member states. As a result EWEA offered aid to support the wind energy industry in the Czech Republic.

Statistics: Comparison of production in two-megawatt wind turbines in 2008 and 2009

In the annual report of the Energy Regulation Office for 2009 there is an apparent shift in the size of installed wind turbines because according to new rules only results from producers with installed output over 1 MW are published instead of former 0,5 MW.
In the category which is represented the most at the Czech market, i.e. in the wind turbines with 2 MW output which were in operation during the whole year 2009, it is possible to notice that when the production – capacity factor is calculated against the total installed output it has not almost changed, in 2008 the value was 25,27% and in the following year 25,09%, which was not significantly influenced even by the increase of output by 14 MW.
However big changes were in the power distribution of wind flow. Moderate increase of capacity factor was reported in the area of Krušné hory, on the contrary big falls in last year’s production were reported at wind turbines in Vysočina and in Morava as a whole. The first position is still held by the wind park Drahany, however it was this wind park which reported the biggest decrease in production totalling to 800 MWh which means 4,7 % of capacity factor. The last position is again taken by the wind turbines in the area Gruna – Žipotín the capacity factor of which reaches only 20% of the output of Drahany wind park.